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Meet Elissa the Curious Snail

Elissa is such a curious snail. She loves to slither around the garden, she loves to pray and she is thankful that her prayers are answered. Your children will love reading about her and all the adventures she has with the tabby cat, the squirrel and yes even the blackbird that carries her away. You, as the parent, will enjoy her wholesome adventures and the way she teaches your child to pray as part of their daily life activities. She does this all in her beautiful garden setting.

Over the next few books, Jeff will introduce you and your child to Francine, her mother and the animals that exist in Elissa’s garden setting. But, more importantly, Elissa and Francine will introduce your child to prayer, to thankfulness and how these activities fit into not only the characters daily lives but also their own daily lives. Reading these stories with your child is the perfect way to create a conversation about those attributes or to strengthen them if they already exist.

Our goal in creating this series of children’s Christian picture books is to enrich the lives of our readers and their children. We invite your feedback about our product and hope you will leave us a review to help us refine our message and make your experience entertaining as well as informative. Please feel free to click on the name of each book below to leave us a review or simply use the contact us page on this site to tell us how we’re doing.

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