Chocolate is very welcome on Valentine’s Day. It tastes so good. (OK, it tastes better than good. Words are just inadequate to describe chocolate.) I’m just glad Valentine’s day is next Thursday. Maybe there will still be some chocolate left in the bag for me to distribute. Flowers are a great gift too. I’m always surprised and delighted to see them when I walk into the room where they are.

But a novel with fun, intriguing characters and a romantic theme is a meal for my heart. And if that book speaks of and shows me God’s love being played out, fleshed out, in human lives, that book becomes a feast for my soul.

My short answer to what to give a special young person on Valentine’s Day–a romance novel. (But don’t skip the chocolate. People do enjoy eating something while reading.)

I chose some books for you to consider from the ones we’ve liked.  It is only a sampling. Click on “Select Category” on the left to find other book reviews.

Elissa Meets Francine
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Dear My. Knightley

Even Now

Love at Any Cost

Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii

Love Letters, The

Once Upon a Time

Pearl in the Sand

Secret of Pembrooke Park, The

With Every Letter

Wonder of You, The


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