Adventures in Prayer–a Review by Donna Fujimoto

Adventures in Prayer by Catherine Marshall helps readers to learn new ways to speak to God. There is so much more to communication with our Heavenly Father than telling Him our needs. This book offers ways to expand that dialogue.

Catherine Marshall’s life was not an easy one. She encountered joy, loss, frustration, hope, and victory. She pours lessons learned into eight chapters, each one ending in a sample prayer, which you can personalize. She explains the asking prayer, the prayer of helplessness, the prayer that helps your dreams, the waiting prayer, the prayer of relinquishment, the prayer in secret, the prayer of joyful blessing, and prayer that claims God’s promises.

Each example is steeped in scripture, and supported by personal stories from the lives of believers. Her world view is conservative, especially regarding societal roles, reflecting the norms of the 1950s.

We may not get all the results she describes. But the opportunity for stretching our view of God, for enriching our spiritual lives, for finding God’s will, and living in joy, is definitely worth the read.

This slim paperback is just the right size for you to keep with your Bible to read during your quiet time or to slip into a backpack for reflection on the go. It makes a great gift for teens or young adults.

Elissa Meets Francine
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Adventures in Prayer is available on and on Barnes and Noble. Other books with the same title have been written, but this review is specifically for the book written by Catherine Marshall.

I hope it lifts you closer to heaven.

Donna Fujimoto’s children love to read. She is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary. Her collection of short stories, 9 Slightly Strange Stories with an Uplifting Edge  is available as an e-book at Amazon. 












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